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In the coming weeks we will be launching new areas which will report on and help coordinate volunteer efforts to promote positive images of a life without a belief in any gods.

To help us judge the level of response and activity we would like submissions of any news articles, blog postings and group events which promote an image of positive atheism. Just send an e-mail to and include the topic or event name in the subject line. Examples would be trash clean-up projects or other volunteer efforts. The articles will be posted with a summary and link to the complete article.

Send articles in any language and from any country and include the language and country for each submission as the first words of the subject line followed by the title or few word summary so that these can be sorted through and organized.  Additional pages may be added to further organize the various languages and countries so that we can best determine how set it up for future growth. Depending on the number of submissions we may not be able to post all of them.

There are a couple of examples below to show some of the types of activities that we'd like to post. The e-mail body could just contain a link to the article. Please also sign your article with the name you would like credited; first, first and last or maybe your username on or other nick and a location. The crediting would appear something like "From /Mike in Colorado USA"

Example e-mails might be;

"Subject: English USA MS Thousands of volunteers help clean up the Coast"


"Subject: English USA TX Keep Austin Beautiful"


"Subject:UK London volunteer request for ...

We'll then post those submissions here for others to see.


Thousands of volunteers help clean up the Coast

More than 50,000 pounds of trash collected

Saturday, Oct 17, 2009


Thousands of volunteers swarmed nearly 145 miles of Coast waterways and beaches Saturday morning for the 21st annual Mississippi Coastal Cleanup.

The event has always focused on the Coast’s mainland and barrier island beaches and waterways but this year included lakes, rivers, marshes, bayous, estuaries, and other watershed locations.

More than 4,000 volunteers scoured 58 locations in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties picking up enough trash and debris to fill 3,120 trash bags and more than five large dump trucks.


2009 Keep Austin Beautiful City-wide Clean Sweep Event

The ACA is participating in the Keep Austin Beautiful Adopt-A-Street program. On April 4, 2009, the ACA participated in the city-wide "Clean Sweep" event, where most adopt-a-street groups did their clean ups on the same day. We focused on our new South location starting at Lamar and Manchaca. See our community service page for more information, including future cleanup events.

Mike Swift and Lisa Mais were on hand to promote the event with cookies and good cheer. As with most volunteer work, it gets your hand dirty, but it's for a good cause.