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"A Week" on Facebook 20 March - 26 March 2011

 Do you have a Facebook account? Do you want to show you’re proud to be an atheist and help raise awareness of how many are ‘Good without God’?

‘A’ Week on Facebook is your opportunity. The week of March 20th through the 26th is official ‘A’ Week on Facebook. Visit the following link and see all the details.





Saturday 03-Feb-2010

Out Campaign on Orkut in Portuguese (Brazil)

Uma campanha de Richard Dawkins.

Ateus são muito mais numerosos do que a maioria das pessoas imagina. Saia do armário! Você se sentirá livre, e seu exemplo vai encorajar outros a sair também.


"Nosso coro é grande, mas grande parte dele permanece no armário. Nosso repertório pode incluir as melhores melodias, mas também muitos de nós estamos nos expressando em voz, cabeça e olhos baixos. Daqui resulta que uma parte importante de nosso esforço para o crescimento da conscientização deve ser visto, não na conversão religiosa, mas no encorajamento a não-religiosos em admiti-lo - para si próprios, às suas famílias e ao mundo. Este é o objetivo da Campanha OUT."


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Saturday 02-Jan-2010

Dec 30, 2009

Green for Iran ?

So there is this “green revolution” going on on youtube meaning that if you support the people in Iran you should turn your channel icon in green. And I've been getting messages about it , asking me if I’m gonna do it and if I support the people in Iran (which, ofcourse, I do) and what do I think about all this and a few were asking what is the green movement about. So I just wanted to talk about it a bit because you may be used to me having very strong opinions on things and with this I honestly just don’t know.

So this is what’s going on … earlier this year in June the Iranian people voted on their presidential elections. And the battle was between the last president Ahmadinejad who basically rules a dictatorship-like regime in Iran … Iran is now a theocratic Islamic republic, meaning that God , or in this case Allah, is considered to be the supreme ruler and the Government operates on Islamic based principles


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Sunday 06-Dec-2009


A Message Of Support From Richard Dawkins

I am honoured that Richard Dawkins has responded to this blog and advocates so passionately and thoughtfully all that it stands for. This is his letter of support to Young Freethought.

I was delighted when Michael wrote to tell me about So delighted that I hope you will overlook my age and allow me to explain why I think you are making such a valiant contribution to the cause of atheism, rationalism and secularism.

It is all too easy for debates about the role of religion to become inward-looking and academic, but it really does matter. Every day, all across the world, millions of our fellow humans are diminished by religion: religion that may force them to mutilate their children, cover their hair or faces, stay silent when they have so much more to say than those who suppress them, surrender control over their reproduction, donate money they cannot afford, obey and submit to their inferiors, deny reality, forgo education, close their minds, reject proper medical care, suffer needlessly, be burdened by pointless guilt, and live with the spectre of eternal torment. Every day, religion works to recruit more victims, among the young, the sick, the poor and dispossessed, the old: anyone who is weak and vulnerable is a legitimate target in religion’s eyes.


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